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Last Believer
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Truly Truly
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Mikah Sykes
Love, Consequences and Serenity
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World War IV Album


SL005: Truly Truly

by Crosslegged

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Out August 12, 2016.

SL004: Last Believer

by Daphne

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Out on August 26, 2016. Daphne's debut record Last Believer was written and composed by Jordan A. Martin in her hometown of Columbus, OH. The following poem should operate as both a description of and a companion to the record:

"a total beTween ~
an orchid blooms on youtube ; )
~ I die a lesbian . . ."

SL003: Love Consequences and Serenity

by Mikah Sykes

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As the title would suggest, the twenty six songed Love Consequences and Serenity is an odyssey of sorts that includes a tumble weeded web of collaborations. Some tracks were recorded in John Frusciante's home studio in Los Angeles in the early 2000s, others in Calvin Johnson's Dub Narcotic, most are made with buddies. Mikah Sykes is one of the best kept secret of the Pacific Northwest. You'll hear him covering his friends' music, like the late Kickball and Swimming. You also wouldn't be surprised to learn that Mikah knows a lot about plants, he's a gardener under the name Pearly Everlasting. Perhaps his biggest collaboration, then, is the one he has made with nature. You can hear the gentle twist of the leaf in the wind or the guitar riffs that sound like the spiral in the flower, or the twinkly abrasive heat of noon sun.

SL002: World War IV Album

by Little Two's

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We're very happy to add this old gem to our budding archive as a digital reissue. The World War IV Album is the fruits of the melodious trio that was Willis Ransom, Emily Kokal and Mikah Sykes. They made deep folky songs during the late 1990s in their homes in Portland, OR. The Church of 88 Keys is where they would jam and Grandma's House is where they played shows around the corner. With articulate tunes, tactile vocals, and playful tangents WWIV is where you will hear some of the earlier musical meanderings of the three musicians. All three would continue to make music as they grew older. Sykes followed with his first solo album Bad Feelings, Kokal would later join the band Warpaint, and Ransom would continue quietly making music on his own.

SL001: Speck

by Crosslegged

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After making recordings on her own for a handful of years, Speck is Crosslegged's first full-length that she feels comfortable calling an album. Recorded through the the first half of 2015, Speck is about leaving things, coming back to things, and fit for spinning on a sparkly long drive to an unknown place.

SL000: Split Level Vol. 1

by Trout, Mikah Sykes and Crosslegged

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A compilation of songs written in many houses, on several occasions, different coasts....many moons. Pulled from previous releases by Crosslegged (All My Plants are Communists), Trout (Sun Say to Me) and Mikah Sykes (Love, Consequences and Serenity).



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